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  Video Conferencing and "Live" Music
  and Jazz Education Workshops

by Dr. John Kuzmich Jr. 
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Music Technology REVIEWS


 By: John Kuzmich Jr.

John Kuzmich Jr. HOME1. V.I.P. Music Publishers
2. Essential Jazz Instructional Materials: "Best of the Rest
3. Cutting-Edge Pedagogy Considerations
4. Meet the Pros: Videoconferencing Series 
5. Technology Reviews
6. Band Jamming 101
7. Spotlight Trends
8. Technology Reviews
9. Classical Charm

Sound Innovations Method Books Video  & Article REVIEW

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Mastering Music


Dr. John Kuzmich Jr. is a veteran music educator, jazz educator and music technologist.  His music technology column appears regularly in School Band and Orchestra magazine with more than 100+ feature articles ( since 1998.  Dr. Kuzmich is a nationally known music educator recently retired after 40+ years of public school teaching experience with a specialties in videoconferencing, jazz education and music technology instruction.. He has institute certification from TI:ME (Technology Institute for Music Educators) to serve as a training instructor throughout the country. His academic background also includes a Ph.D. in comprehensive musicianship. As a freelance author, he has more than 500 articles and five textbooks published. As a clinician, Dr. Kuzmich frequently participates in workshops throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, and South America.  In the next twelve months, he will be teaching in Hawaii, Poland and Brazil.  For more information about John, visit his Web site:

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