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American Wind Symphony Commissioned Pieces

Most pieces can be found at  If the edition number displays AWSO, then this piece is not available from Peters.  Please contact AWSO directly at (724) 742-2897.

** after the Title denotes a recording is available.

Edition No. Composer Title Dur Instruments
AWSO Akpabot, Samuel Nigeria in Conflict    
EP66201 Amram, David Concerto for Horn and Wind Orchestra 12' Hn Solo, 4(Picc)4(EH)4(Bcl)4(Cbsn) 4441, Timp, Perc, Pf, Hp
EP66062 Amram, David King Lear Variations 15' 4(2Picc)4(EH)4(2Bcl)4(Cbsn) 6441, Timp, 4 Perc, Pf
EP66702 Anderson, Thomas Jefferson Fanfare for Solo Trumpet and Four Mini-Bands 5' Tpt Solo, 0000 4451, Timp, 5Perc
EP67327 Arutuinian, Alexander Rhapsody for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra 10' Tpt Solo, 3(Picc)23(Eb)2 4441 Timp, 5Perc
EP68116 Atehortua, Blas Chorale and Ostinato Fantastico** 10' 2(Picc)2(EH)2(Bcl,Cbcl)2(Cbsn) 4441, 4Perc, Cel
EP67937 Atehortua, Blas Concerto for Bass Trombone and Wind Orchestra 15' Solo Bs Tbn, 3(Picc,Alto)2(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4431, Timp, 4Perc, Harp
EP67032 Atehortua, Blas Fantasia Concertante for Solo Piano and Wind Orchestra 12' Solo Pf, 3(Picc, Alt)3(Ca)3(Eb,Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331, Timp, 4Perc, Hp, Cel
EP66066 Auric, Georges Divertimento** 8' 4(Picc,Alt)4(2EH)5(Eb,2Bcl)5(2cbsn) 4441, Timp, 1 Perc, Pf, Hp, Cel
AWSO Bach, J. S. Concerto for Harpsichord in A Major, Orchestrated by Henk Badings    
EP66633 Bach, J. S. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, Orch. By Jerzy Sapieyevski 5' 23(D'a)02 0220, Org
EP66212 Badings, Henk Armageddon** 12' Sop Solo, 4(Eb,Al,Bs)4(d'a,EH,Heck)4(Bcl,2Cbcl)4(2Cbsn) 6661, Timp, 2Perc, Pf, Cel, Tape
EP6613 Badings, Henk Concerto for Flute and Wind Orchestra** 12' Solo Fl, 33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4431, Timp, 3 Perc, Pf
EP66207 Badings, Henk Concerto for Harp and Wind Orchestra** 21' Solo Hp, 4(Eb,Al,Bs)4(D'a,EH,Heck)4(Bsthn,Bcl,Cbcl)4(2Cbsn) 4441, Timp, 4Perc, Cel
EP66154 Bennett, Robert Russell Christmas Overture 5' 33(Ca)33(Cbsn) 4452, Timp, 6 Perc, Hp, Cel
EP6134 Bennett, Robert Russell Concerto Grosso for Woodwind Quintet and Wind Orchestra** 16' Solos: fl,ob,cl,hn,bsn; 7(2picc)7(2EH)9(Eb,Alt,Bcl,Cbcl)7(2Cbsn) 56(2C,Flglnh)61, Timp, 1Perc, Cb
EP6527 Benson, Warren Symphony for Drums 21' 3(Picc)3(EH)8(Eb,Bcl)3(Cbsn) 6661, Timp, 5Perc, Pf, 2Hp, Cb
EP66110 Bernstein, Elmer A Pennsylvania Overture 8' 446(2Bcl)4 4442, Timp, 4 Perc, Pf, Hp, Cel
EP67104 Bolcom, William Liberty Enlightening the World** 6' 4(Picc)4(EH)4(Bcl)4(Cbsn) 5551, 6Perc
EP6898 Bozza, Eugene Children’s Overture** 8' 3(Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)4(2Cbsn) 4431, Timp, 5Perc, Pf, Hp
EP66635 Brant, Henry An American Requiem** 18' 44(2EH)4(2Bcl)4(2Cbsn) 4442, Timp, 4Perc, Org, Sop
EP66894 Brouwer, Leo Cancion de Gesta** 26' 4(4Picc)444 4442, 5 Perc, Pf/Elec Org, Hp
EP66063 Casterede, Jacques Divertissement D’Ete** 12' 5(Picc,Alt)3(EH)4(2Bcl)4(2Cbsn) 4441, Timp, 2Perc, Pf, Hp, Cel
EP66638 Casterede, Jacques Hymn, for Narrator, Brass, Organ, Percussion and Chorus 12' 0000 5561, Timp, 3 Perc, SATB, Org, Narrator
AWSO Casterede, Jacques Music for a Tale of Edgar Allen Poe, with Narration    
EP6268 Chou, Wen-Chung Metaphors 17' 6(2Picc)6(2EH)6(2Eb,2Bcl)6(2Cbsn) 6461, Timp, 5Perc, Pf, 2Hp
EP66723 Creston, Paul Square Dance 5' 4(Picc)44(Eb)4(2Cbsn) 5551, Timp, 5Perc
EP6615 DeLeeuw, Ton Symphonies of Wind Instruments 10' 44(EH)4(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4441
AWSO Ellington, Duke Ellington Suite, Arranged by Frank Foster    
AWSO Euba, Akin Dance to the Rising Sun    
AWSO Europe, James Reese Castle House Rag, Orchestrated by Hale Smith**    
EP66770 Farnon, Robert Blow the Wind Southerly 8' Solo Tpt, 4(2Picc)4(2EH)4(2Bcl)4 5551 Timp
EP67105 Francaix, Jean Ode a la Liberte 10' 44422Cbsn 5552 5Perc Cel Hp
EP10966 Franke,Bernd Three Marches for C. I.** 15' Solo Tpt&Bsn; 3333 4331, 8Perc
EP66501 Fiser, Lubos Report** 8' 4444 5551, 6Perc
EP66831 Foster, Stephen Stephen Foster Suite, Orchestrated by Philip Lang** 20' 5444 5551, 4Perc, Hp, Cel
EP66807 Galindo, Blas Concerto for Flute and Wind Orchestra 15' Solo Fl, 3322(Bcl) 4441, Timp, 4Perc, Hp, Cel, Xyl
AWSO Gershwin, George Three Preludes, Orchestrated by Blas Atehortua    
AWSO Ginastera,Alberto Doce Preludios Americanos, Orch. By Blas Atehortua**    
EP68027 Gothe, Mats Larsson Valley Music (Concerto for Two Timpanists)** 13' TimpSoli(2)Picc22EH2Bcl2Cbsn 545Tuba Perc(4) Pno Celesta
EP66065 Guarnieri, Carmago Homenagem a Volla Lobos 9' 5(Picc,Alt)4(EH)4(Bcl)4(Cbsn) 4341, Timp, 1Perc, Pf, Hp, Cel
EP6135 Handel, George Fredrich Music for the Royal Fireworks, Edited R. A Boudreau** 23' 0303(Cbsn) 3300, Timp, Perc, Cb
EP6607 Handel, George Fredrich Water Music, Edited by Robert A. Boudreau** 22' 3(Alt)3(EH)05(Cbsn) 2300, Timp
EP6167A Haydn, Franz Josef Divertimento No. 1 10' 0203(Cbsn) 2000
EP66227 Hovhaness, Alan Requiem and Resurrection 15' 0000 4231, Timp, 3Perc
EP66058 Hovhaness, Alan Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places 11' Solo Tpt, 33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4231, Timp, 2Perc
EP6129 Hovhaness, Alan Symphony Number 4** 18' 66(2EH)6(Bcl)6(Cbsn) 6641, Timp, 4Perc, Hp
EP66213 Johnson, J. J. Diversions 9' 0000 0060, Perc, Hp, Cel, Rhythm Section
EP6132 Kleinsinger, George Symphony of Winds 14' 3(Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)2(Cbsn) 4331, Timp, Perc, Cb
AWSO Liadov, Anatol Eight Russian Folksongs, Orchestrated by Blas Atehortua    
EP66634 Lloyd, Norman Rememories 12' 4(Picc)34(Bcl)3 4431, Timp, 3Perc
EP6514 Lopatnikoff, Nikolai Concerto 19' 3(Picc)3(EH)4(Eb,Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4431, Timp, Perc, Hp
EP66503 Loudova, Ivana Chorale** 11' 4(4Picc)44(Bcl)4 4441, 6Perc, Org
EP66608 Loudova, Ivana Concerto for Organ, Percussion and Wind Orchestra 12' 4444 5551, 6Perc, Cel, Org
EP66814 Loudova, Ivana Dramatic Concerto 14' Solo Perc, 4444 5551
EP66607 Loudova, Ivana Hymnos 10' 3(3Picc)333(Cbsn) 6331, 3Perc
EP67120 Loudove, Ivana Luminous Voice (Concerto for English Horn) 13' Solo EH, 3333 5331, 3Perc
EP66700 Loudova, Ivana Magic Concerto 8' Solos: Xyl, Mar, Vibr; 4(2Picc)444 5551, Timp
EP66059 Mayuzumi, Toshiro Concerto for Percussion and Wind Orchestra** 9' 6(2Picc)6(2EH)6(Eb,Bcl)6(2Cbsn) 6661, 2 Timp, 4Perc, Hp
EP6230 McBride, Robert Sunday in Mexico 15' 5(2Picc)5(EH)5(Eb,Bcl)5(Cbsn) 3331, Timp, 3Perc, Hp, Cb
EP6203 McPhee, Colin Concerto for Orchestra 12' 4(Picc)333(Cbsn) 4331, Timp, 3Perc, Hp, Pf, Cb
EP6532 Mitchell, Lyndoll Battle Hymn of the Republic 6' 3(Picc)24(Bcl)2 4331, Timp, 3Perc, Cb (TTBB ad lib)
EP6531 Mitchell, Lyndoll When Johnny Comes Marching Home 9' 4(2Picc)23(Bcl)2 4331, Timp, 3Perc, Pf (SATB ad lib)
EP68185 Miyoshi, Akira West Wind** 9' 4(2Picc)44(B-cl)4(C-bsn) 4441 6Perc Hp Pf
EP66730 Mouret, Jean Joseph Suite des Symphonies, Edited by Robert A. Boudreau 9' 2201 0100, Timp (Cbsn, Tpt II ad lib)
EP66205 Nelson, Oliver Concerto for Xylophone, Marimba and Vibraphone and Wind Orchestra 9' Solos: Xyl, Mar, Vibr; 4(2Picc)4(2EH)4(2Bcl)4(2Cbsn) 5551, Timp, 4Perc, Hp, Harpsichord/Cel
EP66732 Nelson, Oliver Fugue and Bossa 8' 4(2Picc)4(2EH)4(2Bcl)4(2Cbsn) 5551, Timp, 5Perc, Org
AWSO Nelson, Oliver Study in 5/4    
EP66209 Nilsson, Bo Quartets 15' SATB Soli; Eb, C, G, Bass Fls; Ob, Ob d'a, EH, BassOb; Bb Cl, Bassethorn, Bcl, Cbcl; 2bsn 2cbsn; Bb, D Tpts, Flglhn, Bb Bstpt, A/2Ten, Bs Tbns; Xyl, Marimba, Vibr, Hp; Cel, Chimes, Bells, Pf; Tape
EP68113 Noble, Javier Gimenez Vertientes, with Mezzo Soprano Solo 16' Mez Solo, 12A-fl1B-fl22EH1ClEb1Cl1B-cl1Cb-cl 41TptD1Ctpt2Tpt4CTuba Timp 4Perc Mrba Hp Pf/Cel
EP67402 Olczak, Krzysztof Concerto for Accordion and Wind Orchestra 13' 4444 5562, 6 Perc, Acc (also plays BD)
AWSO Orgad, Ben-Zion Elul    
EP67108 Orgad, Ben-Zion Sheva 20' 4(Picc)34(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4431, Timp, Perc
EP6523 Orrego-Salas, Juan Psalms 19' 5(Picc)5(EH)5(Bcl)5(Cbsn) 6441, Timp, 4 Perc, Hp, Cb, Narrator (2nd Hp ad lib)
EP66202 Penderecki, Krzysztof Pittsburgh Overture** 12' 4(2Picc, Eb, Alt, Bs)4(D'a,EH,Bs)4(2ASax, Bcl, 2Cbcl)5(2Cbsn) 5550, 3 Timp, 6 Perc, Pf, Harm
EP67423 Petrov, Andrei Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra** 8' Solo Tpt, 4(2Picc)4(EH)4(Eb,Bcl)4(Cbsn) 5452, Timp, 5 Perc, Hp
EP67832 Petrov, Andrei Five Russian Songs 12' 4(Picc)4(EH)4(Eb,Bcl,Cbcl)4(2Cbsn) 5561, 5 Perc
EP67316 Petrov, Andrei Russian Capriccio 10' 4(Picc)4(EH)4(EH, Bcl)4(Cbsn) 5552, Timp, 5 Perc, Pf, 2Hp
EP67403 Pniewski, Zbigniew Suite for Brass Quintet and Wind Orchestra 10' Soli: 2Tpts, Hn, Tbn; 44(EH)44(2Cbsn) 4451, Timp, 4 Perc, Bs Gtr, Synth, Pf, Hp, Cel
EP66061 Rodrigo, Joaquin Adagio** 7' 3(Picc)332 4331, Timp, 2 Perc
EP66057 Rogers, Bernard Pictures from the Tale of Aladdin 12' 3(Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331, Timp, 5 Perc, Hp, Pf, Cel
EP6137 Rorem, Ned Sinfonia** 9' 3(Picc)3(EH)4(Eb,Bcl)3(Cbsn) 0200 (Timp, Perc, Pf/Cel ad lib)
EP67241 Santos, Ramon Concerto for Harpsichord and Wind Orchestra 14.5' Solo Hpschd, 3(Picc)222 4331, Timp, 3 Perc, Xyl
EP67033 Santos, Enrique Pieza di Concierto for Solo Guitar and Wind Orchestra 10' Solo Gtr, 3(Picc)222 4331, Timp, Perc
AWSO Sapieyevski, Jerzy Concerto for Trombone and Wind Orchestra    
EP6662 Sapieyevski, Jerzy Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra 14' Solo Tpt, 3(Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331, Timp, 3 Perc
EP66803 Sapieyevski, Jerzy Games 7' Solo Perc, 0000 4341
EP66632 Sapieyevski, Jerzy Morpheus** 8' 3(Picc)1(4)1(4)3(Cbsn) 552(5)1, Timp, 3 Perc, Hp
EP66111 Schifrin, Lalo Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Orchestra** 18' SoloTpt, 3(Picc,Alto)3(EH)4(Eb,Bcl)3(Cbsn) 5551, Timp, 5 Perc, Pf, Hp
AWSO Smith, Hale Abide with Me**    
EP6303 Somers, Harry Symphony for Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion 18' 8(2Picc,3Alt)6(EH)6(3Bcl)6(3Cbsn) 6661, Timp, 3 Perc
EP66064 Stoeltzel, Gottfried Concerto Grosso a Quattro Cori, Orchestrated by Bernard Rogers 10' Choir I: 3 D tpts, Timp; Choir II: 3 d tpts, Timp; Choir III: fl, 3ob, bsn, Choir IV: 2fl, Ob, Eh, Hrn, Trb, Harpsichord
EP6123 Surinach, Carlos Paeans and Dances of Heathen Iberia 14' 8(2Picc)8(2EH)8(Eb, Bcl)8(2Cbsn) 6661, Timp, 3 Perc, Hp, Cb
EP66893 Tcherepnin, Ivan Concerto for Oboe and Wind Orchestra 14' Solo Ob, 3343 5551 Timp 2Perc Hp 2Mrba
EP67768 Tcherepnin, Ivan Concerto for Two Continents 8' 4(Picc)4(EH)5(Bcl,Cbcl)4(Cbsn) 4341
AWSO Tcherepnin, Ivan Constitution, for Wind Orchestra and Narrator    
AWSO Tcherepnin, Ivan Triple Concertino for Solo English Horn, Bass Clarinet and Trom and Wind Orch    
EP68177 Tcherepnin, Sergei Voices of the Wind 8.5' Picc, 2(Picc)123 Afl,D'a,EH,Heck,Bcl,Cbcl,Cbsn; 5532 Btbn, Tba; Timp, 5 Perc, Hp, Pf
EP67404 Tuur, Erkki-Sven In the Memory of Clear Water** 8' 4444 5562, 6 Perc, Pf
EP67053 Valera, Roberto Moviemento Concertante for Guitar Solo and Wind Orchestra 9' Solo Gtr, 1, Afl, Picc, 1, 1, Bcl, 2, 2Cbsn 1000, Timp, Vibr
EP66870 Villa Lobos, Heitor Concerto Grosso for Woodwind Quartet and Wind Orchestra 12' Solo Fl, Cl, Bsn; 5(2Picc)5(2EH)5(Alto, BCl, Cbcl)5(2Cbsn) 63(2C,Flglhn)4(2Btbn)1, Timp, 2 Perc, Hp, Cel, 2Cb
EP6104 Villa Lobos, Heitor Fantasy in the Form of a Choros 15' 8(2Picc)8(2EH)10(Eb,Alt,Bcl,Cbcl)8(2Cbsn) 66(2C,Flglhn)61, Timp, 4 Perc, Hp, Cb (Pf ad lib)
EP66640 Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto for Piccolo in C, Orchestrated by Blas Atehortua 12' Solo Picc, 2203 2000, Cemb
EP6854 Vivaldi, Antonio Concerto for Two Trumpets, Orch. by Jerzy Sapieyevski 10' Solo 2 CTpt, 6606 0000, Hpschd
EP66942 Willan,Healy Gulliver’s Travels 25' Narrator, 4454 5552, 2 Timp, 4 Perc, Hp, Cel
EP67260 Zuk, Patrick Scherzo** 7' 3(Picc)2(D'a,EH)2(Eb,Bcl)3(Cbsn) 44(3 TptC)2(Btbn)1, Timp, 5 Perc, Hp, Pf/Cel


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