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Tokyo Kosei Wind Ensemble plays Suite on Celtic Folk Songs

Arranger: Tomohiro Tatebe
Conductor: Douglas Bostock
Ensemble: Tokyo Kosei Wind Ensemble
Publisher: Brain Co., Ltd.

Program Notes:

Ancient celts, after conquering agrarian cultures in middle Europe, migrated north-ward to Ireland and other places. The so-called "Celtic" culture was a blend of those migrants and indigenous peoples of the northern island.

The culture's diversity is reflected elsewhere in the world. Interestingly, aspects of Celtic music favor peculiarities of Japanese children's songs. Over time, some melodies adapted to Japanese words, like "Hotaru no Hikari" are now considered to be "Japanese," beloved enough to inspire homesickness and nostalgia.

This suite for wind band consists of three Old Irish melodies handed down through the generations.

1st Movement

The first is March, a traditional Irish march of slower 6/8 beat. Led by a characteristic accented drum, the drone effect of a Uilleann bagpipe rings through an air of courage.

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2nd Movement

Next is a beautiful and nostalgic Air entitled Yellow Village Gate in Gaelic, the language of Ireland. Traditionally, fiddle and Uilleann pipes could play a passionate duet. Here, a solo piccolo presents the image of a simple fife.

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3rd Movement

The third and last movement, Reel is a typical Irish dance of very quick tempo. Maintaining the pace from beginning to end, intensified motion combining duple and 6/8 meter drives though to the coda.

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Please note this video was taken from the DVD "Univisual 2002" (available from Bravo Music Inc.), and the video and audio quality shown through this streaming video does not reflect the actual, high quality of the DVD.

About the arranger:

Tomohiro Tatebe

Born in Niigata [Japan] in 1957, Tatebe graduated from Komazawa University, majoring in Japanese Literature. He studied saxophone with Kazuo Tomioka and composition and arrangement with Naohiro Iwai and Takashi Ueno. He has produced many original works and arrangements for wind ensemble as well as wind chamber music. Mr. Tatebe is the Permanent Conductor of the Itoigawa Wind Band, and an Associate Lecturer for the Ryukoku University Wind Band.

About the conductor:

Douglas Bostock (see biography)

About the ensemble:

Tokyo Kosei Wind Ensemble (see website)


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