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Advancing the Art of Conducting:

Basic Techniques

Douglas Bianchi

Part 1

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Baton Grip
  • Baton Length
  • Conducting Power Points
  • Body Alignment
  • Basic Patterns
  • "Choreography"

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The Wayne State University Bands are under the direction of Douglas Bianchi. He is a graduate of Wayne State University and received his Masters Degree in conducting from Oakland University. Prof. Bianchi has had extensive teaching experience in the public schools, and previously was Director of Instrumental and Vocal Music at L'Anse Creuse High School North for fifteen years.

For the past thirteen seasons, Prof. Bianchi has been Music Director of the Warren Concert Band. He has conducted a variety of ensembles including the Warren Symphony, the Southfield Symphony, the Lake St. Clair Symphony and the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Concert Orchestra. Besides conducting performances in both Europe and Asia, Prof. Bianchi has also conducted a number of premiere performances of orchestral, band and choral works.

In 1988 Prof. Bianchi was elected Teacher of the Year for the L'Anse Cruese Public Schools and also received a Warren Cultural Commission award for his contributions to the community.

Wayne State University Department of Music

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