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At the L'Anse Creuse Bands we are well versed in the use of contact tuners.  In a High School band program of over 200 students, all of our students are required to own tuners and the majority of our students use them both in rehearsal and on the marching field.

We regularly use portable tuners with contact wire and mini contact tuners.

It was our pleasure to be able to use the AppClip Contact this summer as we made the Appclipp a regular part of our daily tuning routine in our summer practices.   The AppClipp offers several benefits that our students and staff greatly appreciated.

Our Students use Apps on their phones for every conceivable reason in school and home.  They study, review, play review games in class and do research all from phones. They have been clamoring for a contact that works with phones but there have never been any compatible devices available until the Appclip..

The 8 foot wire is very useful as one person can tune and the contact can move from player to player.   In a lessons setting, our private teachers use the Cable Organizer to use only the desired amount of cable from the AppClip.   The Cable Organizer also helps prevent damage to the unit and wires.   It is a great addition to tuner contacts.

Finally;  We used the AppClip with every tuner we could find on the App Stores.  The Appclip worked admirably with every tuner app.   The sensitivity was very good and it is a very reliable.

Our input is broad ranging as we had students use them, section leaders, private teachers and other band directors.   These were used by many students and more than a dozen teachers and directors.

Bravo AppClip on a job well done.

Russell S. Hilton
L'Anse Creuse High School Bands

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