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Must See Superscope PSD400 Series
John Kuzmich Jr.

As an active music technologist since 1984 in the public schools, I pay attention to new teaching/learning opportunities. Teachers need more than technology toys to teach with. They need teaching tools that can multitask in a variety of ways to justify their expenses and at the same, get proven results: higher levels of musicianship. And digital/audio recorders are a must for today’s music educators.

While attending the inaugural JEN (Jazz Educators Network) conference in St. Louis last month, Superscope Technologies premiered a new series of professional portable audio recorders that include the music practice features Superscope is famous for…Tempo and Key Control, A-B Looping, Voice Reduction, Accompaniment Mode, and much more along with unique SD, hard disk drive recording and CD burner recording/storage options. And with expanded features such as battery operated portability, large color LCD display, foot pedal control and many more user-friendly features, their PSD410 and PSD450 units are truly oriented for teachers in the classroom, traveling and at concerts.

They even have advanced file editing and overdub and punch In/Out capabilities to make this unit a universal solution for nearly all music educator audio playback, practicing, transcribing and recording needs within a single package. See attached photo of their PSD450 being displayed at the Jamey Aebersold booth in this conference. It can even fit into your notebook computer bag.

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