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Exercise 4

by:Chris Collins

Finally...I find THE MILL a challenge to students at every level. The possibilities are
endless. The original idea can be very simple like a Major 7th chord or the 4 note motif
below or, very complex. The possibilities are only limited by the boundaries of your

All chords, inversions, and melodic ideas should be "Run Through The Mill"
(Ascending, Descending, Alternating Ascending/Descending)

AGAIN: 1) Use a metronome. 2) explore rhythmic variations. 3) work with your
instrument, your ear, and mind - Don't write everything down and simply read
it off the page - (be wary of jazz theory methods that are page after page of every
example notated in all 12 keys. You will never realize your potential as an improvisor
until you learn to internalize the jazz vocabulary
) 4) consider keeping a note book with your
"original" ideas' notated

THE MILL should be used to challenge your mental agility and discover new shapes
and melodic possibilities. The resulting melodic ideas will often fit into several harmonic
situations...but, that is a discussion for another time. GOOD LUCK!

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