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Vandoren Launches VandoJazz

July 2006, Chicago

In a continuing effort to expand the jazz community, Vandoren is launching an entire lifestyle for Jazz called VandoJazz. VandoJazz first started with a quarterly magazine designed by Bernard Van Doren's daughter, Anne-Sophie. The magazine was an international look about Jazz ideas and happenings. The movement has grown to much larger dimensions with the addition of Vando Jams in Paris, New York and Chicago. Vando Jams are held monthly in each city and are free to all players. "It's another way Vandoren is trying to grow the jazz community," commented DANSR president Michael Skinner, "Vando Jams and the whole VandoJazz movement has great potential to strengthen the jazz community worldwide through events, ideas, education and products."

VandoJazz continues to add more features as the months roll on. New in July are "Vjazz points" and "Vjazz points" is a product loyalty program. Beginning in July all Vandoren Jazz products will come with a Vjazz logo on the box. Players can accumulate points, as in similar programs, and redeem them for a number of items. "We wanted the Vjazz catalog to reflect the whole VandoJazz philosophy," commented Jim Metz, marketing manager. "So not only can you get the typical coffee mugs, pint glasses and wearables, but you can also save your points and get an hour lesson with one of our Vandoren artists or you can buy a cabin on the next Warren Hill Jazz Cruise. It's about Jazz at every level and the Vjazz catalog reflects that." is the other new feature that premieres in July. The new web site has four areas that jazz players at every level of proficiency can use. In The Gig area musicians will find helpful information on how to get gigs and how to keep them. Included in the Gig area is a gig hotline where you can upload your need for a player for a band or performance or upload your resume to find a gig nationwide. You can also print a poster for your band by choosing one of the templates, inputting the name of the band, the club, date and time of the gig. The poster is automatically generated and downloaded to your desktop as a PDF for printing at home or at your local print shop. Other areas include The Shed, where you'll find improvisational techniques and articles, The Hang where you find the latest Artist news and information and The Payoff where you'll find partner offers of discounted services and products.

"It's a full featured site," commented Skinner. "It's a site that will grow over time and provide unprecedented assistance for the jazz community."

For more information contact DANSR, Inc. at 888-707-4455 or at or at

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