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as performed by THE EAGLES
on the album “Long Road Out of Eden”
(Duration 1:55)
Words and Music by J. D. Souther
Written for Young String Orchestra “Hot Pop” Series
Published by Alfred Music

Reviewed by Vince Corozine and
Cheryl Ciano Havens, Director of Westchester/Putnam Youth Symphony

A full conductor’s score is included in this very playable arrangement for string orchestra. The score stays relatively true to the original recording.

The double stops in the viola and cellos are easily played, as is the melody in the violins. Numerous rock syncopations are introduced throughout the arrangement.

The arrangement would be more appealing to young string players if the melody was given occasionally to the lower strings, who are relegated to playing a repetitive rock bass line throughout most of the piece.

As an option a third violin part (doubling viola) could be included for those orchestras that are lacking in violas.

As optional part, a piano accompaniment is included, that has the notes written out. This part reinforces the lower string parts, which can be in short supply in some orchestras. Another optional part for drum set is included. The drummer must be careful that not to overpower the sound of the strings. My preference would be to renotate the drum part one dynamic level lower than indicated on the part.

The printed parts are easy to read, and there are 8 violin 1 parts, 8 violin 2 parts, 5 viola parts, 5 ‘cello and 5 bass parts provided with a full score, and optional piano and drum set.

The rhythms are easy to play with plenty of repeating eighth notes. There is a pulsating, monotonous accent on beats two and four in most measures.

I recommend this piece as an easy fun-piece of the pop genre. It should be a hit with students and audience alike.

Vince Corozine Music , Author of "Arranging Music for the Real World" by Mel Bay Publications

(845) 208-3381
10 Veschi Lane North
Mahopac, NY 10541
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