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  Dr. John Kuzmich Jr.
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Welcome John Kuzmich, Jr., Ph.D. will be researching and authoring a variety of seven on-going landmark columns. He is a veteran of 43+ years in the public schools, guest lectured on five continents and published over 750 feature articles in international and national music education journals.

1. Essential Jazz Instructional Materials: "Best of the Rest.
It is literally a one-stop shop for music educators and aspiring jazz musicians covering a broad spectrum of jazz instructional materials. Areas regularly to be covered include.

2. V.I.P. Music Publishers. 
Focuses attention on what makes each publisher unique for music educators. Check out the creative, informative reviews was done for Hal Leonard Big-Band Charts. This article represents pertinent information for music educators to interactively connect with instructional materials when reading the article rather than reporting with a simpler, traditional listing of products found in printed magazines. The magic is that all references of instructional materials are inked directly to the publisher's web site specifically for each product mentioned and reviewed.

3. Cutting-Edge Pedagogy Considerations. 
The scope of the editorial content features techniques, tricks and tools found in specific books and technology products/applications that can and will make a difference for teachers in the trenches on how to accelerate their students' learning.

4. Meet the Pros: Videoconferencing Series!
It is an interactive videoconferencing interview which is driven by a PowerPoint presentation with use of a webcam to show and demonstrate the tuners in "real" time plus we can incorporate multimedia materials through audio and/or video clips, and PDF files along with up to six individuals interactively together simultaneously in HD resolution. The interview can be multimedia rich in content between 15 to 60 minutes. For examples of how dynamic this Meet the Pros series is, click on the following inks below and you will not be disappointed with the interaction and connectivity of the multimedia editorial content.

5. Band Jamming 101
Features essential instructional & organizational techniques in developing a successful jazz band program that are the very tools that every band director needs to be familiar with..

6. New Release & Upgrade Spotlight
Features cutting-edge trends in jazz education market that deserve to be featured as a particularly "key" contribution to the entire jazz education market.

7. Technology Reviews
Focuses attention of relevant music technology products that can enhance and streamline instruction for music teachers.

8. Classical Charm
Catch the excitement of the best classical instructional materials available.

Footnote: Publishers are encouraged to contact John about submitting their instructional materials to John for review considerations in these seven on-going columns



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