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Start the school year with less stress and more productivity using Ututti

Do you remember the reasons you first became interested a musical profession?  Chances are it had nothing to do with the tedious, headache-inducing administrative work that plagues most band directors.  At Ututti, we’re passionate about building technologies that enable directors to spend more time doing what really matters: teaching and inspiring their students!  Using our powerful management applications, you can cut down on the boring, mundane parts of the job while empowering yourself and those you teach.


Ututti is a powerhouse of 21st century technology at your fingertips.  It combines a powerful web application with smartphone and tablet apps to introduce your program to a level of organization it has never seen before.  Here are some of the key features:


·         All-in-one application: Ututti manages all the important systems of your program including fees, payments, fundraisers, budgets, inventory, student and parent contact info, student financial accounts, calendars, events, attendance, communication, file sharing, and much more.


·         Stop dealing with loose papers and documents with our smartphone and tablet apps (available for all major devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android).  Take attendance from the podium, instantly check out instruments and music to students when you’re away from the office, and access parent contact info in seconds.


·         Each student has a personal account which they can log into in order to see their financial statement, checked out inventory, attendance, grades, and shared computer files.  You can even set up Ututti to accept credit cards and e-check payments for student fees!


·         You can give assistant directors and parent leaders access to specific features of your choosing.  For example, your Band Booster Treasurer can access the financial systems while your Percussion Teacher can access the student list and attendance features.


·         Your Ututti Dashboard contains a wide range of charts and graphs that instantly show you important information.  See how close your students are to having their fees paid, view your upcoming events, see your budget balance over time, and more.


There’s much more to Ututti than what we can describe here.  Head over to to see for yourself and get started.  Be sure to tell us you came from!




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